FANDOM helps student in selecting the right program based on their academic qualification, financial constraints & post qualification prospects. It helps the student in selecting the right college, based on its accreditation, location and prospects of working while studying etc.
During counseling a student, FANDOM provides complete information on the study conditions, facilities available, faculty, research programs, curriculum, scholarships, financial aid, living conditions, on and off campus jobs and extra-curricular activities etc.


With over half a decade of experience in the field of global education, FANDOM has mastered the art of guiding students in acquiring their visas. Having rightly understood the pulse of the consulates, FANDOM has the innate ability to make sure that its clients sail through their visa interviews.
Right and Quality Documentation.
Training the Students in Presentation Techniques, Body Language, Communication and Interviewing Skills.
Imparting Confidence by Success Pre-Conditioning Techniques.


FANDOM has been training students over the years for TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT and IELTS standardized tests required by Universities and Colleges from Worldwide.
Since its inception, the vision of FANDOM has been to provide the highest standards of training to the students for standardized tests.
FANDOM is equipped with Trained Faculties, quality Infrastructure and various audio and visual aids to help reach their goals.


FANDOM provides the following Travel Assistance Services to its Students and Clients:

Pre- Departure Orientation and Planning Program .
Arranging Discounted Air-Tickets for Domestic and International Routes.
Arranging Foreign Exchange Drafts, Traveller's Cheques for Tuition and Living Expenses abroad.

Arranging International Medical Insurance Policies for Students.



FANDOM assists its clients to secure Educational Loans for their Tuition and Living Expenses abroad from Nationalized banks offering various Educational Loan Schemes against Security.
In the Process FANDOM suggests its clients with the right Bank, Educational Loan Scheme to ease the Financial Stress of the International Students.